We Are Here To Serve You During Mother Natures Worst

Compass Rose Landscaping has established a reputation as one of Essex Countys and surrounding areas premier residential & commercial Landscaping Contractors, our motto has always been “Quality Service in all Directions.” With years of experience, Compass Rose Landscaping offers a complete range of landscaping services throughout Essex County and surrounding areas.

We’re there when you need us any time of the day or night. We use newer, well-maintained professional equipment and have the experience and liability insurance required to get the job done.

Winter New England storms are unpredictable in their severity and timing and in snow removal, reliability is king. We maximize efficiency by using the right equipment, experienced drivers, and grouping accounts close together whenever possible.

Having backup equipment and men, along with not over-booking our services allows us to deliver on the services we promise for a select number of clients in Gloucester, Ipswich, Essex, Rockport and more towns in Essex County

plowed driveway

Why Are We The Best?

Safety is at the forefront of our mission at Compass Rose Landscaping when is comes to Snow Removal. We rest assured knowing that your driveways are accessible by emergency personnel and vehicles.
We keep our trucks on the road and through the night during the worst storms with the philosophy that your family, friends, or customers will always be able to get into your residence/business and leave at their convenience.
We stand by our work and take pride knowing that you trust Compass Rose Landscaping for your snow removal services. We will not let you down.